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Monday, February 28, 2011

ebook David Blaine’s Magic Tricks

Bagi yang minat silap mata tu ( Magic Tricks ), hehehe anda boleh download ebook panduan buat silap mata     ( Magic Tricks ) teknik yang digunakan oleh David Blaine. 
Antara teknik yang terdapat dalam ebook " David Blaine’s Magic Tricks" adalah;

Balducci Levitation
Twisting Arm Illusion
Cigarette Through The Coin Trick
Psycho Kinetic Time
Coffee To Coins Street Magic Trick
Ace Shake
Paul Xenon Tax Disc Removal Secret
Coin Bite And Restored Coin
String Magic Trick
Fly Resurrection
David Blaine Mind Reading Style Trick
The Pop-Up Card (Fruit Loops)
Two Card Monte
Voodoo Ash
Cough Cough
Card In Bottle
Coin Vanish
David Blaines Card Through Window Trick 

Berapa bayaran? he,he,he... percuma... download lah free jer... 

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